Naturally Tastier.

Berkshire matures into delicious, juicy cuts and steaks.

Numbering from the 100's on the low end to the 1,000's on the high end—worldwide-the breed is quite rare. Yet thanks to the efforts of farmers loyal to the Berkshire's strong reputation for superior quality, the population is growing.

We ensure a stress-free lifestyle—imagine if we were to tell Lord Rannoch (our prized Highland breeding steer) that the daily massage is off the menu!

Order and prepare for delight.

Historially Superior.

Traditionally, Tamworth has been a lean-meat, bacon producing breed.

Their popularity over the years rose and fell with the prevailing market winds. Eventually, the Tamworth nearly succumbed to a preference for lardy, white flesh.

You can be sure that these pigs get the same loving attention and care we extend to our cattle, chickens and turkeys. Here, every animal roams free and eats tasty, natural, highly nutritious foods.

The Tamworth will delight you.

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